1. the investment project 

    Created in December 2010, RSTEEL is wholly owned by RUI SANTOS – PRODUTOS SIDERÚRGICOS, S.A., recognized in the domestic market for its entrepreneurship and skill in the field of steel products, and very much a reflection of its principal director: Eng. Rui Santos. 

    The project results from the identification of the business’ growth potential, clearly aimed at the foreign market and outlook for growth, not necessarily in quantity, but essentially in quality.

    Located in northern Portugal, in the Parish of Lousado, Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, District of Braga, the new plant has been built based on innovative and technologically advanced productive and technical conditions.


  1. With the creation of the new plant and its benefits, RSTEEL, SA intends to manufacture high-quality, value-added products, aimed at its stable position in the global market, with particular focus on the Spanish and emerging markets.

    RSTEEL’s investment project is vital for achieving the following strategic ambitions:

    Ensuring the company’s presence in emerging markets and with a high degree of growth potential and great emphasis on the Spanish market.

    Job creation as a way of boosting growth, with the creation of new jobs while focusing on creating highly skilled jobs.

    Maximizing the know-how accumulated over the years (on the part of its leading figure chiefly responsible for implementing the new plant), enabling its active presence, to benefit the new plant.

    Substantially contributing toward domestic competitiveness, while asserting itself in the foreign market as a new player providing benefits in terms of the design of new, value-added products that stand out from the competition.




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