1. production

    We are aware of the challenges placed before us by the global market. Thus, we equipped ourselves with the best available technologies which, combined with the excellence of our human resources and the versatility of our management system, enables us to ensure products with the highest-quality standards.


     Simplified flowchart of the manufacturing process


    Main types of raw materials 

    Raw Material Designation

    Reference standard (Raw Material)

    Cold Rolled Steel: DC-01

    EN 10130

    Hot Rolled, Pickled Steed: S235JR or DD11

    EN 10025-2 / EN 10111

    Galvanized Steel: DX51D (Z200 or Z275)

    EN 10346

    Hot Rolled Steel: S235JR 

    EN 10025-2



  1. Productive Process

    Our tubes are manufactured via high-frequency electric welding, with no heat treatment afterwards. The entire productive process has been thought out and developed in accordance with the best available technologies, considering the highest environmental and workplace safety standards.


     Raw Materials

    The quality of the raw materials is vital for end product quality. This way, raw materials are all carefully selected and submitted to strict quality control. 

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