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Investment Project / Incentive System

The project results from the identification of the potential growth of this business, clearly oriented towards international markets and growth prospects not necessarily in terms of quantity but certainly in quality.

The RSTEEL, SA investment project is fundamental to bring about the following strategic ambition:
· Ensuring the presence of the company in emerging markets.
· Creating jobs as well as enabling their growth, generating new posts of employment and prioritising highly qualified positions.
· Capitalising on the know-how accumulated over the years (on behalf of both its key back and the lead responsible for the implementation of the new unit), enabling their active presence and to the benefit of the new production unit.
· Making a substantial contribution towards national competitiveness, staking its position in international market as a new player that displays skills and capacities in terms of the design of new products with added and differentiated values to the competition.

Project name | INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS – Internationalization 
Main objective | Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

RSTEEL – FÁBRICA DE TUBOS METÁLICOS, S.A. was established in 2010 as a result of the implementation of a production innovation project supported by QREN, and is dedicated to the manufacture of longitudinally welded steel pipes and the processing and marketing of high grade steel products. The implementation of this internationalization project foresees actions in the following areas: knowledge of foreign markets; prospecting and presence in international markets; international marketing; participation in trade fairs; introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices; specific certifications for foreign markets.

Total eligible cost | EUR 277,733.11 
European Union financial support | ERDF | EUR 124,979.90 

Planned implementation period for the investment project: 
Start: 01-SEP-2016 
End: 31-AUG-2019