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RSTEEL has expanded its offer, and response capacity, with two high-performance products, to meet current market needs. Get to know them.


RSMAC is the new Rsteel brand. This type of coating on steel products is the future for those who want protection and high corrosion resistance. RSMAC products have a strong protective capacity and last 5 to 10 times longer than any other standard alternative metallic coatings.

The excellent ability to resist corrosion of RSMAC products is due to the addition of magnesium in the coating layer that, when exposed to the environment, forms a second protective layer called “Simonkolleite". When this layer is formed on the coating material, the corrosion process is slowed down considerably. Moreover, in order to cover exposed surfaces, the top layer dissolves itself so as to protect the entire material in the same way, restoring its initial protection over time.

Because of the superior quality of this coating as well as its hardness, this material can be used in many different ways and areas, which makes RSMAC branded products ideal for those looking for a product with reduced maintenance costs over time.


Under the premise of continuously improving costumer satisfaction, RSTEEL recently invested in laser cutting technology. As such, it is is now possible to process various types of materials, in the most diverse forms. With a cutting precision up to the hundredths, this technology allows the processing of very complex outlines, at a high speed, whilst exercising minimum stress over the material.

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